Trip around Hel

Dear Visitors!

Welcome to the town of Hel, which is one of the most scenic places in Poland! We can take you on a trip around Hel by golf cart. With us you will see the major local attractions at an affordable price, sitting comfortably.

Dear Visitors, we are here to make your tour of the most beautiful attractions of the Hel Peninsula possible Dear Visitors!

We are pioneers with our own audio recordings. We can take you on a sightseeing trip in one of our brand new, safe, ecological and comfortable golf carts.

We use authorised audio recordings, where the speakers talk about the merits and peculiarities of the Hel Peninsula in an interesting way in selected languages.

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Major local sites worth visiting include the following:

  • – The Museum of Coastal Defence
  • – The Fishing Museum
  • – a 9­storey fire control tower
  • – The Seal Centre
  • – a seafront
  • – the central beach next to Gate 66, with the neighbouring Baltic Tavern and other attractions (which include a mini ZOO, constituting a place of interest for children)
  • – a cape (the beginning and the end of Poland)
  • – The Heliodor Laskowski battery emplacements
  • – a walking terrace situated next to the small beach
  • – The House of Porpoise
  • – a promenade
  • – a fishing harbour
  • – a military harbour
  • – a beach accessible from the bay
  • – a cape beach localised next to Gate 67

We provide the following services:

  • – transportation from point A to point B (regardless of the distance)
  • – individual rides and trips (the itinerary and the duration are subject to negotiation)
  • – a regular trip of the duration of up to 40 minutes around major local attractions (it may last longer if necessary), which is dedicated for first time visitors to Hel
  • – group guided tours, where you can learn many interesting facts about the Hel Peninsula

We can also give you a lift to a destination of your choice, which includes transportation with your luggage to the local railway station and bus station or collection from the aforementioned. Phone booking necessary.

Transportation of visitors to local restaurants serving delicious, fresh fish at affordable prices is also provided on request.

We will do our best to make your stay enjoyable and unforgettable.

Thank you in advance for using our service.

See you soon.